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LNG 2023 - Vancouver 

10-13 July 2023
Vancouver Convention Centre
B.C. Canada

Chevron and Qatar Energy

Plenary Sessions

LNG 2023


Challenges of a Turbulent Energy Transition 

Monday 10 July 2023
A key takeaway from the past two turbulent years is that natural gas continues to remain a critical fuel with its dispatchability and fuel of last resort characteristics. As the world progresses towards net zero, key challenges remain with the scalability of hydrogen and ammonia and supply chain constraints with battery metals. During this time, it is essential that high pedigree natural gas is made available to emerging economies, not only to help their transition away from coal and support the uptake of renewables, but also to alleviate air quality concerns and provide a pathway to economic prosperity. The energy transition is uneven and different countries will progress at different speeds, is natural gas the great equalizer?