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LNG 2023 - Vancouver 

10-13 July 2023
Vancouver Convention Centre
B.C. Canada

Chevron and Qatar Energy


LNG 2023

Gianluca Alberati

Gianluca Alberati

LNG Strategy & Growth Manager, Baker Hughes

Gianluca is a mechanical engineer who works at the Growth & Strategy office of Baker Hughes facility based in Florence, Italy. Since 2018 has been involved in the analysis of the market for LNG plant solutions, together with the request for efficiency and reduction of emissions, with the purpose to understand which rotating machines, products/solutions could better match customer future demand and finally prepare development programs.

He started his carrier in 2002 at the Baker Hughes centrifugal compressor technical assistance office and after few changings in service department in 2007 landed at the commercial office as centrifugal compressor Application Engineer specifically dedicated to LNG. As AE he was responsible for the compressor thermodynamic and mechanical selection, machine optimization, scope of supply cost assessment and technical proposal preparation. In 2012 he changed role becoming LNG Commercial Operation manager with a consequence increasing of responsibilities. In this position Gianluca used to follow and coordinate all the proposal preparation phases, from the very early customer engagement up to the firm commercial proposal submission and T&C discussion.

In 2015, in temporary assignment, he moved to Kansas City, USA, with double role of Commercial Manager and Technical Advisor for LNG and FLNG solution, as company focal point focal point for the customers in area. Upon returning to Italy, Q3 2015 and up to all 2017 he used to work as Technical Sales/Adviser for the Off-Shore market, where, interacting on daily bases whit all the major players of the sector he used to work to scope of supply definition for gas compression and power gen solution for FPSOs and fixed platforms.

Gianluca has got 5 years master degree (Laurea) in mechanical engineering from Perugia University.

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