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LNG 2023 - Vancouver 

10-13 July 2023
Vancouver Convention Centre
B.C. Canada

Chevron and Qatar Energy

Program Overview

LNG 2023


SL.11 Enabling the Transition to Hydrogen/Ammonia

Wednesday 12 July 2023
Spotlight | Autmun Sessions | West level 2, Rooms 211-214
LNG markets, Energy Security and Decarbonisation , Shipping, Marine operations and Terminals , Downstream Infrastructure and Applications , Clear Filters - See Full Programme
The jury is out on the final fuel of the future, with no single silver bullet yet able to satisfy the world’s complex energy needs. A multi-fuel future may well be in the cards as we head into a defining decade for the future of energy. Hydrogen has been touted as a crucial molecule in the energy transition, which, depending on the type of energy input, can be a low-to-no emissions fuel. Storing and transporting hydrogen in cryogenic conditions has been studied extensively, with ammonia emerging as a viable hydrogen-carrier molecule. LNG, with its low boiling point, remains very relevant to both hydrogen and ammonia transportation and infrastructure. How can LNG know-how be leveraged to prepare for a greater penetration of these fuels?
Ed Crooks, Vice Chair, Americas - Wood Mackenzie
Austin Knight, Vice President, Hydrogen - Chevron New Energies
Richard Voorberg, President - Siemens Energy North America
Tracy Lothian, Vice President, Low Carbon Solutions - ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Juancho Eekhout, Vice President of Business Development, LNG and Net-Zero Solutions - Sempra Infrastructure
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