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LNG 2023 - Vancouver 

10-13 July 2023
Vancouver Convention Centre
B.C. Canada

Chevron and Qatar Energy

Program Overview

LNG 2023


F.01 Global LNG Trade in a World of Multiple Market Forces

Tuesday 11 July 2023
Commercial Stimulii , LNG markets, Energy Security and Decarbonisation , Clear Filters - See Full Programme

This forum will explore how the significant global events of the last few years, as well as an increasing focus on energy transition, are currently impacting and potentially reshaping global LNG trade. The session brings together authors of a diverse but related set of papers to explore together how current market forces are impacting the industry in the short- and long-term. The session will cover:​

  • How is Europe’s move away from Russian gas impacting global LNG trade?​
  • How do we balance energy security and decarbonisation needs across various markets?​
  • Are buyer attitudes evolving in light of current market uncertainties?​
  • What role can LNG play in helping unique locations e.g. Caribbean, achieve a cleaner energy mix?
  • What role can LNG play in the energy transition in emerging markets such as South East Asia and Central and Eastern Europe?
Andrew Walker, Vice President - Cheniere
Mark Urwin, Executive Director - Government of British Columbia
Uday Turaga, Founder and CEO - ADI Analytics LLC
Mitzi St. Rose, Manager-Energy Marketing & Trading - The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited
Feng Fu, Global Gas Market Advisor - Shell
Nicholas Browne, Solution Leader - Mckinsey & Company
Yutaka Shirakawa, Project Director - JOGMEC

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