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LNG 2023 - Vancouver 

10-13 July 2023
Vancouver Convention Centre
B.C. Canada

Chevron and Qatar Energy

LNG Markets and Advocacy

LNG 2023

LNG Markets and Advocacy

Global Markets

  • Global LNG Trade Market: Supply, demand, competing energy sources

  • Industry evolution/ future demand for LNG

  • Regional reports from the fastest growing import and export markets

  • LNG usage in emerging markets. Commercial and technical challenges. Lowering the counter-party risks of developing countries to accelerate LNG market growth.

  • LNG and energy security in large energy importing countries

  • The COVID19 pandemic - challenges and opportunites for LNG. How can LNG help improve the situation after the sanitary crisis?

Canada in global LNG

  • Canadian LNG industry participation in a global industry. A case study of interest to many countries

  • LNG vs Pipelines - in Canada and worldwide

Energy Transition, climate change and the LNG industry response

  • Renewable energy integration with LNG/ Synergies with renewable electric power /inclusion of new battery technologies in power supply

  • Methane emissions ‐ towards total elimination along the gas value chain

  • Energy and Emissions Policies

  • Synergies between hydrogen as a fuel and LNG

  • Renewable/sustainable LNG ‐ The liquefaction of biogas – either as a stand alone business or for subsequent regasification and injection into distribution grids?

  • Carbon emissions across natural gas production and distribution infrastructure. Reaching net-zero.

  • Carbon capture, sequestration and/or utilisation. How will companies and industries transition to future scenarios? Strategies for the LNG industry if governments implement IPCC 1.5°C or 2.0°C pathways.

  • Addressing energy poverty ‐ the case for trading LNG in a world seeking decarbonization and improved air quality

  • A vision for the LNG industry in 2030: How to meet the UN’s goals for sustainable energy