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LNG 2023 - Vancouver 

10-13 July 2023
Vancouver Convention Centre
B.C. Canada

Chevron and Qatar Energy

Media Releases and Enquiries

LNG 2023

Media Releases and Enquiries

Latest Media Releases

Indigenous leadership and Canada’s low-carbon LNG featured at global event

26 June 2023

The leadership of Indigenous peoples in bringing Canadian liquefied natural gas (LNG) to global markets will be centre stage at LNG2023.

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International LNG2023 event a key platform for sharing ‘the best ideas of the industry’

19 June 2023

With less than a month to go to LNG2023, organizers are putting the finishing touches on the event, including scheduling sessions that feature industry papers on leading-edge innovations.

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LNG innovation at the forefront: International exhibition showcases industry excellence

8 June 2023

A veritable who’s who list of prominent companies in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector will be showcasing some of their latest innovations at LNG2023.

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Canadian LNG on the global radar: Vancouver welcomes world's top energy leaders at LNG2023

30 May 2023 

Canadian liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be in the spotlight as the world’s energy leaders take the stage at LNG2023

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Energy industry leaders represent United States at global LNG event

25 May 2023 

The final line-up for LNG2023, the world’s preeminent meeting of the international LNG industry, has been announced.

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Global LNG industry leaders engage in crucial discourse on energy security at LNG2023

8 May 2023

International event features vital discussions on LNG’s role in orderly energy transitions.

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About LNG2023 and Media FAQs

What is LNG2023 and why is it important?

The global energy market is increasingly complex and interconnected. LNG2023 is a major opportunity for key stakeholders to gather and discuss the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry and opportunities to enhance global energy security while reducing emissions. LNG2023, as the world’s largest triennial LNG conference and exhibition, is known for its roster of prestigious speakers and quality presentations that balance the strategic, commercial, and technical.

Who will be at LNG2023?

Senior industry leaders, government representatives, technical experts, and key stakeholders will attend LNG2023 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Canada’s Pacific gateway city. Up to 15,000 delegates from more than 85 countries are expected at the event, which features more than 250 speakers and more than 200 exhibitors.

Why is LNG2023 in Vancouver, Canada a can’t-miss gathering?

LNG2023 gives delegates an essential voice in the vital discourse on LNG’s role in energy stability, sustainability, and affordability. Achieving the global energy transition and transformation needed to meet decarbonization targets requires collaboration and ambitious action. Within LNG2023’s open, friendly environment, delegates can connect in person, learn, collaborate, and do business.

What makes Vancouver an ideal host city for LNG2023?

The cosmopolitan city of Vancouver is renowned for its stunning natural backdrop of ocean, forest, and mountains, making it a spectacular location for a summer conference. As well, British Columbia is a major participant in the LNG industry, and many of the province’s more than 200 First Nations are actively involved in LNG development. Canada itself has a leading natural gas industry supplying 38 per cent of the country’s energy. Its pioneering low-carbon LNG will have an important role in supplying secure lower-emissions energy to the growing world.

What kinds of topics are being discussed at LNG2023?

The central emphasis of LNG2023 is on energy security, and its main themes focus on fuelling a more stable, cleaner, and more prosperous future for all. These are covered in six key topic areas, representing the entire LNG value chain:

  • LNG markets, energy security, and decarbonization
  • Commercial stimuli
  • Operations and best practice
  • Upstream/midstream gas production, processing, liquefaction
  • Shipping, marine operations, and terminals
  • Downstream infrastructure and applications

Discussions will range from LNG’s role in the global energy transition to increasing efficiencies and reducing environmental impact, and from LNG financing and regulations to innovations in production and transport. View the Conference Programme.

Why is the central focus of LNG2023 on energy security?

The global energy crisis of recent years, along with the need for a smooth energy transition that balances stability, sustainability, and affordability, has highlighted the importance of restoring global energy security. Investing in the expansion of LNG supply and infrastructure can help rebalance global energy markets and ensure energy security while supporting the energy transition.

How does LNG contribute to energy security and stability?

Resolving the global energy crisis while reversing the persistent trend of emissions growth requires increasing the supply of diverse energy sources, including of low-emission LNG. LNG can provide stable, sustainable, and affordable energy supply. Investments in LNG projects that are compatible with decarbonisation and energy security goals, done in parallel with development of low and zero carbon technologies, can help ensure an orderly global energy transition.

What is the position of LNG2023’s organizers on climate goals and decarbonisation?

LNG’s lead organizations and hosts agree that climate change is a critical issue and that dedicated global action, including by the international gas industry, is required to deliver on the goals of the Paris agreement. LNG’s lead organizations and hosts are committed to advancing innovations that protect air, land, water, and communities while securely supplying the energy needed to support rising standards of living and economic growth worldwide.

How does LNG contribute to environmental sustainability and a cleaner future?

LNG offers cleaner energy than coal and oil, and along with other rapidly developing low and zero-carbon gas technologies, will secure a reliable pathway to deeper decarbonisation while ensuring the secure and reliable functioning of energy systems. LNG2023 provides a key platform for industry leaders, government representatives, and technical experts to discuss the latest innovations in LNG and its role in meeting future energy needs.

What is the role of LNG in energy affordability? How does that translate into prosperity for all?

Fostering prosperity for all requires matching global energy demand with affordable and sustainable energy supply. Natural gas, together with a growing portfolio of decarbonised, renewable, low, and zero carbon gases, will be an important part of the solution. The inherent flexibility of LNG allows it to be delivered to almost anywhere in the world, making it a fast, efficient, and long-term vehicle to energy transition.

Who is presenting LNG2023?

This 20th edition of LNG2023 is presented by the International Gas Union (IGU), GTI Energy, and the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR). It is hosted by the Canadian Gas Association (CGA), and supported by incoming 2026 host, QatarEnergy.